There's something different about Clarice Miller's son, Jackson… There always was, but when six year old Jackson begins to suffer inexplicable catatonic trances, Clarice fears her savant son may have inherited the same abilities and demons that haunted her childhood. While she wrestles with her past, a past she has hidden even from her husband, the tiny family moves to a remote piece of land in Ithaca NY. Here Clarice discovers THE GLEN with no idea that destiny has drawn them there, nor is she aware of the satanic cult plotting to kill her son.  But will discovering the reason her son needs THE GLEN prove as perilous as delivering him to it?
Chapter 1
   Three hundred years ago it was time. . .
The world spun as it always had.  Men rose, and men fell; kings reigned, empires waned, and it was time. . .
Men remembered a Savior Who had come, and the world changed for a spell, then men forgot, and the world spun again as it always had, and it was time...  
There was nothing particular about it - some trees, some rocks, a creek spilling over an unimpressive waterfall into a shallow pool.           Three hundred years ago it was hidden.   An invisible shield cast over an ordinary piece of land, where a Tutelo Indian caught a fat trout in the cool stream only the day before.   So hidden, the Indian would be the last to have looked upon it for centuries to come.
   growing  - 
    and unseen  -
Waiting for him.
    Waiting for us...
          The Glen.
Copyright ©2010-18 Carla Coon
If you have been looking for Christian horror from authors like Stephen King or authors who write like Dean Koontz writes or well-written books like Koontz or King used to write then read The Glen by new author Carla Coon and you will not be disappointed.                                                                                        
Have you read every King and Koontz out there and been looking for horror authors like Stephen King and Dean Koontz?

Sick of Zombies and Vampires?

Looking for a good Occult,  religious thriller or good pre-apocalyptic theme?         

The Glen is nuanced and intriguing from the apocalypse mystery with religious and biblical clues, to the wide array of characters and intricate plot, to the exciting finish tying all the characters together in a well-played climax. Not with out blood and gore, having its share of demons and angels, there is one thing THE GLEN does not have: foul language and sex. It is refreshing to read true Christian horror that does not rely on swearing or adult themes to weave a dynamic and page-turning, spell-binding story.

Give this new author a read. You will glad you did and anxious to read the next in the series: Back to the Glen.

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Like a photographic negative of The Omen, the
saga of the Miller family and THE GLEN unfolds
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