Carla Coon has been happily married to her husband Darrell for 32 years, living in Upstate New York and raising their eight children. Since 2000, they have been blessed with seven grand-children and the eighth is due this June.

Carla’s first novel, THE GLEN, was born of a synergy of two great passions: religious studies and the outdoors.

Carla Coon’s professional experience includes working as Editor of LifeWork’s Magazine for NYSRTLC, where she also contributed a monthly column. Carla wrote in-depth articles for the National Catholic Register, and was published in the New Oxford Review, Catholic Faith & Family, the Press & Sun-Bulletin and more. In other positions, she served on the Board of directors of a non-profit center and as Director of Religious Education at a large parish.

Once a professional ballroom dance instructor, Carla enjoys music and dance, roaming art museums, and travel abroad with her husband. Currently working in Upstate NY, Carla coordinates several non-profit and local programs, and hopes to complete the third novel of the series, Out of the Glen soon.

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3 Responses to About

  1. Rae Stabosz says:

    Hello Carla,

    I found your blog through your Amazon author page. Just wanted to say that when I checked the mail today I found a package from Amazon for me. I couldn’t remember ordering a book, so I was puzzled, but it did tickle me in the back of my head that I was expecting something — I just couldn’t remember what. Tore the box open when I got in the door, and found my review copy of The Glen. Cool! Totally forgot that it was a supernatural suspense story of the Catholic variety. Even more cool!

    So, I read the first few pages and am just writing to tell you that they gave me pleasure. I immediately got a feel for the “mise en scene” as it were — remnants of a birthday party, dodge ball, boys against girls, it all rang a bell. I was 7 years old in the year 1956, a different time than 1982, but it gave me that return to childhood that’s such a great pleasure when it’s done right.

    I always think of it as pretty much a crap shoot when I take up another book to review for the Catholic fiction site, or start a novel that a friend has recommended, or dig into a Christmas gift. Lots of bad writing out there, but lots of good also. Within the first few pages of a new novel, I either get a smile on my face or give out with a sigh.

    I am smiling. Looking forward to the rest.


    • Carla Coon says:

      Thanks Rae – I hope you enjoy the rest of the read as well. I was born in 60, so a touch of nostalgia for my old neighborhood may have slipped in. We played touch football in the yards, basketball in the driveways, and baseball in the street (with two sewers for first and third, and a manhole for second. We sat on porches in the rain, playing endless monopoly, and at night, hide and seek. It seemed we were never inside until our dad’s whistled or moms hollered. There was nothing better.

  2. Julia says:

    I read a lot of interesting articles here. You probably spend a lot of time writing. Thanks.

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